How Does StreetLight work?

Property management companies and multi-family housing owners can keep communities safe with StreetLight.

StreetLight is an app that will not only give residents a way to report suspicious activity, it also invites a sense of safety and community that enhances renter retention.

Two-way chat helps connect management and residents for follow-up conversations and resolution reporting.


Step 1: Direct residents to Streetlight app upon lease agreement

Leasing agents can encourage the use of the Streetlight App by telling residents to download the app upon signing the lease agreement.

We encourage leasing agents to show the resident how easy it is to report community concerns, including:

  • Suspicious activity
  • Safety & Maintenance concerns

Step 2: When a concern arises, residents use Streetlight to make a report

Our easy-to-use responsive app make reporting of issues in multi-family housing a breeze.

Once an incident arises, the resident can upload photos, videos, audio and text from their phone or web portal.



Step 3: Management takes action

Once the report is submitted, management is immediately notified.

Send push-notifications to residents if you need to gather more information or want to report how the issue is being resolved.

Streetlight can notify multiple management staff so issues are resolved quickly, making residents more likely to be satisfied with their living situation.

If in-house maintenance is needed, send residents a photo of the person coming to their door so they can compare and feel safe opening up their home to staff.

Create Management Accountability

Streetlight alerts residential multi-family owners of when a report is generated and how management is handling the situation. Owners can view how long it takes to respond and what action was taken. 

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