How Does CloseWatch work?

CloseWatch is the ultimate “See Something, Say Something” app for law enforcement agencies that allows citizens to report non-emergency suspicious activity.

It gives citizens a way to upload photos, videos and text message to in-house operators in real-time. The citizen can engage in 2-way chats with the operators in order to send more information OR resume conversation when a resolution is reached.

Step 1: Observe or gather information on suspicious activity

Citizens that notice something doesn’t look right can take charge by gathering evidence in the form of photos, videos or text for non-emergency situations.

What is suspicious activity?
  • You see someone continually going in and out of a residence and suspect drug activity.
  • You hear of some information that is a cause for concern but have no way of knowing if the information is true.
  • Neighbor continues to exhibits signs of abuse but you aren’t sure.
  • You’ve received information about a crime but are fearful to report it directly to police because of retribution.

Step 2: Download the app or visit the web portal

Your agency will receive a white-label app and web portal for citizens to report information both non-anonymous OR anonymous.

Once they’ve gotten through the setup process (which takes seconds) they can send tips immediately.

Zeteky will train your operatives on how to use the dashboard in order to create a seamless integration with your agency’s already existing emergency management department.


Step 3: Users have the option of using CloseWatch Anonymously

While many users have no problem sharing their personal information, we understand in many communities the phrase “snitches get stitches” is a real threat to those in the community trying to keep their loved ones safe.

By utilizing truly anonymous technology, CloseWatch can receive tips and even safely communicate with anonymous users via 2-way chat. Both anonymous and non-anonymous users may also utilize our geolocation services to report where a potential crime is taking place without giving away their own identity.

Step 4: Upload information to CloseWatch

From the comfort of home, citizens can upload information directly from their phones or computers to the people that can do something about a situation.

What can I upload?
  • Photos
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Text Message

Step 5: Choose the type of tip you are sending

Fully customizable widgets are added depending on each agency’s specific needs. Users can select a variety of options depending on what type of tip they are sending.

While many tips can fall into specific categories, CloseWatch features a “Not Sure – Other” selection for situations that might be hard to qualify.

Step 6: Real-Time two way chat is available to gather information ...even days later

Unlike many applications, CloseWatch allows end-users to continue the conversation…even days after the initial tip has been sent!

Users can send photos, videos and audio messages via a messaging portal just like the ones they are use to using on any social media direct messaging system.

You can submit multiple tips and keep each conversation separate and review them at a later date.

Continue to Keep Your Community Safe

Send SMS notifications directly to your community

The most amazing thing about 2-way real time communication is that not only can citizens report tip from their phones, agencies can utilize CloseWatch’s push notification technology to alert citizens of potential threats in their communities.

Here’s how it works:
  • An operator generates a text-based SMS alert and sends it out through CloseWatch
  • Citizens get the alert via a text message which will give them vital information
  • If citizens click the link within the text message, the link will launch a) the app if they have it installed or b) a web browser that can send them media-rich information about a potential threat.
What is this used for:
  • Weather-based emergencies
  • Stay-in-place emergencies
  • Amber Alerts
  • and more!

Harness More Power with a Customizable CloseWatch Dashboard

Our CloseWatch dashboard provides operational oversight and situational awareness. Our CloseWatch software is custom built for your agency’s needs. We can add or subtract modules as necessary. Generate reports and get updates on issues that directly affect your agency. Accountability is a built in feature for making sure that everyone is on top of their game.

Data Analytics

The ability to visually analyze all data based on any criteria that is needed. Exporting of reports and automation are also included.

Admin Console

Full ability to add, manage, suspend, change privileges and track users and their actions through the system. Shift management functions are also auditable and include the ability to handle scheduling of team members.

Internal/External Two-way chat

This feature can be anonymous if needed and it allows for real-time communication with mobile app users anywhere in the world. This allows for inter-company/agency communications linked to a single incident.

Incident Reporting

Any data can be sent to our console including text, media, and files.

GPS & Location Information

Any location information needed including coordinates, altitude, speed, and street view where available.

Fraud Response

The ability to track and label fraudulent submissions with the ability to block users on certain deployments.

Exact Location Notifications

The ability to select an exact location on a map and send trackable two-way notifications to any users within the selected location.

Incident Comparing

The ability to compare any number of incidents based on criteria that the user selects. This can include incident type, location, date and time, etc.

Internal Assignment

The ability to assign and monitor incidents sent to employees or team members with full auditing capabilities.

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