How Does FirstHand work?

Safety reporting and communication not only saves lives, but also millions of dollars.

Companies that have access to real-time data make better business decisions and bring more money to the bottom line.

Employees can quickly send safety observations via a custom company branded mobile app. FirstHand receives real-time information and routes it to the appropriate department.


Real-Time Onsite Reporting

Employees on the ground can use FirstHand to report safety and maintenance issues before they cost you or your company injury, loss of life, or machinery. 

Two-way chat allows users to chat with management in real-time.

Managers can follow-up with maintenance request even when the worker moves locations.

How the Process Works

  1. Worker in the field locates a safety or maintenance issue
  2. Opens the app or web portal to report issue
  3. Uploads any photo, video or text message of the issue
  4. Home office receives data and can respond via 2-way chat or at at later time
  5. Worker can send updates if more information is needed or found
  6. Home office sends report of how issue was resolved and the worker is notified
Even if the worker is off-line, the tip is submitted in the background when service is restored.

OSHA Reports $170 Billion Annual Loss

OSHA reports a $170 billion annual loss for work-related accidents and illnesses.

Let us Help you to save valuable lives and money by:


  • FirstHand gives you real-time onsite reporting for safety and compliance.
  • Our unique method of reporting gives you quick actionable intelligence that can save time, money, and lives.
  • Minimize at-risk conditions by real-time awareness.
  • Stop relying on analog reporting and let us simplify your job site safety and OSHA compliance.
  • Preventing injuries such as hand, neck, back, dismemberment and death can save millions in legal costs.



Create Accountability

Management is kept accountable with FirstHand. When a user reports a safety or maintenance issue, the system shows when the notification was received, when it was opened and what reponse was given.

Geolocation Services

With an easy-to-use interface, FirstHand allows off-site managers know what needs to be done and where to do it with our geolocation services.

Don’t let maintenance issues slide through the cracks because you don’t know where the issue is located which saves valuable time and money.



Fully Customizable for Your Company

We provide a white-labeled app with your companies logo and customize the dashboard for your specific industry needs.

  • Organization Branding
  • Custom locations
  • Custom fields
  • Generate custom reports

Once completed, your new Company Safety App will be available for any of your employees to download in the Android and iOS app stores.

Reporting Capabilities

Find the most at risk employees, vendors, or locations instantly

  • Quick visual understanding of your data
  • See observations submitted anywhere in the world
  • Sort by observation type, status, location, and even specific employees
  • Export customizable automated reports as a csv, pdf, or email

In-Field Reporting & Advanced Analytics

The goal of the FirstHand Safety system is to not only measure lagging indicators but to also measure safety performance through leading prevention indicators which can be quantified and aggregated digitally within our system.

The FirstHand and CloseWatch reporting system will:

  • Accelerate the gathering and routing of critical data into real-time
  • Deliver data instantly to an advanced, command and control dashboard for instantaneous response by decision makers
  • Route priority information to multiple managers simultaneously
  • Seamlessly communicate with any employee in real-time through direct messaging
  • Receive and transmit data in over 100 languages for global operations
  • Automatically add locations or change functions in the app seamlessly in real-time with no app downtime
  • Put limits on any employee that doesn’t need access to all information
  • Generate automated reports and analyses within seconds for management and regulatory oversight
  • Eliminate significant overhead cost from manual incident entry

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