Making the world a safer place through technology.

Whether you’re a police officer, a property management owner, or an oil & gas executive we have a solution to make your company or agency a safer environment.

Our phone apps facilitates smooth communication between the community and leaders.

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CloseWatch Series

Anonymously submit tips to law enforcement, schools and city officials about drug activity, active shooters, bullying, human trafficking, and more.

CloseWatch gives citizens the voice to See Something, Say Something.

Best used for:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Military
  • Security Companies

FirstHand Series

In the energy sector, nothing is more important than a strong EHS/HSE plan which measures and tracks KPIs.

FirstHand is the most advanced and efficient way to receive critical data in real-time and avoid failure in the field.

Best used for:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Electrical Plants
  • High Risk Situations

      StreetLight Series

      Open up communication between management and consumer. Collect critical data via text messages, pictures, video, and audio while also collecting GPS location and incident time stamps.

      Streetlight connects management and consumer & company personnel.

      Best used for:

      • Apartments
      • Hospitals
      • Large Corporations


        Equip any public transportation with our cutting-edge Cradlepoint technology and track in real-time.

        Best used for:

        • City Buses
        • Ambulance
        • Fire Truck
        • School Buses

          EasySMS Series

          EasySMS provides a simple way to geolocate people who do not know their location.

          It can be used in national disasters as a way for citizen to get real-time information from agencies.

          Best used for:

          • Government Agencies
          • Emergency Management
          • Any situation where you need push notifications in case communities do not install the app.

          Secure Web-Based Dashboards

          Learn how our web based CloseWatch dashboards can help you receive data from the frontline that you never had before.

          • Operational Oversight
          • Incident Management Solution
          • Real-time date from frontline employees
          • Location-based data visualization system

          Making a difference is in the palm of your hand

          We have a variety of phone apps for different agencies. Chose your agency below for a deeper dive into what we can do for you:

            Real-Time Reporting
            for Critical Decision Making

            Be informed in ways that were never before possible with a direct line to every employee, citizen, student or soldier under your watch.

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            Case Study:

            Dallas Police Department

            In 2016, Dallas experienced a deadly sniper killing 5 police officers and injuring 9 others.

            It was the highest number of U.S. police officers killed in a single incident since 9/11.

            iWatch Dallas, which uses Zeteky’s CloseWatch technology was strategic in locating the sniper after 9-1-1 was overwhelmed with tips.

            *In emergency cases, 911 should be used. Do not use CloseWatch in an emergency unless instructed by city officials.

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